Click here for newsletter no.1 from a new campaign against the planned CPZ charge rises.

The campaign has its own website:

They have organised a meeting to discuss the next steps in the campaign:

We are holding a meeting at 8pm on Wednesday 9th March 2011 in East Finchley by which time we will have that legal opinion. We will present a plan of action and explain the legal process. A committee will be set up to take it forward and we need you to step forward with your skills and energy. We will also need to establish the level of financial support that we have and plan how to raise funding. If you’d like to attend, please email and we will email the venue to you.

You could also sign the ‘We are not cash cows’ petition on the Barnet council e-petitions page. Here is the text:

We the undersigned petition Barnet Council to scrap the free ‘super’ parking permit that Councillors get, reject Brian Coleman’s proposal to increase resident’s parking permits and the massive increases to pay and display parking that will hit local businesses at this tough time.