Up until today Church Farmhouse Museum in Hendon belonged to all the people of the borough of Barnet. After today (31 March), because of cuts, its most likely fate is to be sold to one individual as their private dwelling. We don’t believe this is fair or necessary.

The museum costs little to run and has been open for 55 years. In return Barnet residents and visitors have enjoyed a slice of the history of our borough, and a wonderful exhibition space.

Barnet council Conservative group, by closing Church Farmhouse Museum, have shown that they have no regard for history, and no belief in the residents’ capacity to appreciate it. In short, they believe we are philistines.

They are wrong. We protested today, as the Museum closed, to say that we regard the preservation and teaching of history to be frontline services; as vital to a civilised society as the state-of-the-art healthcare, decent housing for all, generous benefits and pensions for those who cannot work, top quality education, and so on, that are our social goals.

We are also wanted to raise awareness of the threatened closure of Barnet Museum and encourage people to help the campaign against that: http://www.barnetmuseum.co.uk/

We want Barnet council continue to fund Barnet’s museums and keep them free for all Barnet residents and visitors. Failing that, they should allow groups of volunteers to continue providing a museum service in the two venues, Church Farmhouse and Barnet Museum, and keep the rent low on the properties. They should not sell the builidngs or seek a commercial rent for them.

More pictures of today’s protest here.