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Campaign to stop QE Girls becoming an Academy

Dear friends, Queen Elizabeth Girls' School needs you!! We are entering a crucial stage in our campaign to prevent Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School becoming an academy. The proposed conversion date is 1 August and the governors are meeting next on 9 May. We need your help!! 1. Are you available for petitioning at The Spires, Barnet 11am-1pm on Saturday 30 April and/or Saturday 7 May? 2.Are you available to hand out leaflets outside the school gates

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March to save the NHS, London, 17 May

In the face of widespread opposition, the Government has announced "a pause to listen" before going ahead with its Health and Social Care Bill. Far from pausing, we must build a big campaign of NHS workers and service users (that's practically everyone, isn't it?!) to keep the NHS from further privatisation! Please visit Keep Our NHS Public for more details of the Bill. This blog also has a Health (NHS) and Social Care page with more resources. Click below

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Barnet Press journalists strike over unfilled posts

Journalists at Barnet Press and other Tindle newspapers in north London/Herts will go on strike from Tuesday 19 April for two weeks to protest against unfilled posts at the newspapers. They say the cuts are making it impossible for the journalists there to produce good quality newspapers, and their strike is a strike to save local journalism. Visit their blog for more information. Click here for Press release page 1 and Press release page 2.

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REPORT Pinkham Way Alliance lobby Barnet council

Haringey and Barnet residents opposing the proposed rubbish processing development at Pinkham Way turned up in force at the Barnet council meeting on 12 April. They kept up chanting outside the meeting until late on, and were angry that the Conservative councillors turned down a proposal to take the Pinkham Way business early in the meeting. Councillor Brian Gordon added insult to injury by calling the protesters "rabble". Barnet is saying that it

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Barnet CPZ newsletter no.4

HIGH COURT ACTION SET IN MOTION On 1st April Barnet responded to our notice – but there is nothing new in their reply to alter our view that the new CPZ parking charges are unlawful. They did however threaten to hold David Attfield responsible for any loss of revenue if he asked the court to delay implementation of the increased charges while he case is decided – so understandably he has not done so. So on Monday 11th April a group of us went

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Barnet CPZ Action Group in the High Court, 11 April

We are submitting papers to the High Court. Come along and show your support! Bring a banner if you wish to..... Date: Monday 11th April Time: 3.00pm (please arrive a little before) The Place: Royal Courts of Justice (the High Court) Strand, London WC2A 2LL HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Barnet CPZ Action Group The campaign also reminds people: ...we have delayed Barnet from implementing the increased parking charges. But from 18th April the charges are

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