On 1st April Barnet responded to our notice – but there is nothing new in their reply to alter our view that the new CPZ parking charges are unlawful. They did however threaten to hold David Attfield responsible for any loss of revenue if he asked the court to delay implementation of the increased charges while he case is decided – so understandably he has not done so.

So on Monday 11th April a group of us went to the High Court with David to submit the papers. Now we have to wait to see if the court agrees that we have a case and for them to decide on our application to limit our liability for Barnet’s costs. (photo attached)

We expect to hear back from the High Court in 2-3 weeks time, after which we will hold another public meeting… please keep updated via our blogsite where we will give details as to the date, time and venue….

We still need to raise awareness – because Barnet is not sending out notices many people will have no idea this is happening until they get their renewal. So think of anyone you know in the borough and call them – if you do it before Friday (15th) and their permit is due for renewal within a month they could still get their permits and vouchers at the old price. And ask them to get involved – we still need to raise more money.

Contact the campaign through their website: http://barnetcpz.blogspot.com/