UK Uncut – Emergency Operation
May 28. Transform the banks. Save the NHS.

“The NHS will last as long as there are folk left to fight for it.” – Nye Bevan, founder of the NHS

This is an emergency. The welfare state is in peril. Under the guise of ‘efficiency’ and ‘reform’, this government is plotting to cut the NHS and sell off what’s left. Andrew Lansley has claimed the government is in a ‘listening exercise’ about the proposed NHS ‘reforms’. But despite widespread outcry from doctors, nurses and the public the government isn’t listening to anyone apart from private healthcare lobbyists.

Let’s make Lansley listen. We want to keep our healthy NHS and fix our broken banking system. Whilst the NHS is being dismantled, the banks that caused this crisis in the first place have been left untouched. Reckless gambling, obscene bonuses and a global financial crisis are symptoms of a disease that requires a drastic intervention.

The banks are due a check-up. On Saturday May 28th, join UK Uncut’s Emergency Operation and transform your local high street bank into a hospital. Tell the government to leave our NHS alone; it’s the banks that are sick.

Actions local-ish to Barnet

Haringey – meet at 11am, outside Wood Green library. For details email
“Join us on the 28th for a surgical intervention… bring banners, placards and lots of anaesthetics! We’ll provide hats, gloves and masks.”

Islington – 1-3pm, outside RBS at Angel tube. For details email
“Join us on the 28th May for a medical intervention…dress up as doctors, nurses or patients! We’ll provide hats, gloves and masks! Our sound-system is at the ready – and our open-mic is at your disposal!”

Central London – meet at 1pm, Soho Square. For details email Twitter follow: @cantstopanidea.
“Join us on the 28th of May for an afternoon of unparalleled drama, tension and general tomfoolery.” Dress code: health worker, patient, banker, barrister, politician, regular person.

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