Barnet council has embarked on a mass outsourcing programme, named the One Barnet Programme (OBP). They envisage reducing the directly employed workforce to a small core working with councillors to commission services from (probably large) private sector companies.

In recent months the Council’s poor procurement and contract monitoring capacity has been demonstrated by the MetPro, Catalyst (legionella bacterium) and SAP cases. These have all harmed the Council’s reputation. Yet these are small contracts when compared to what OBP is proposing. With OBP the risks will be much higher, both to the council’s finances and to the quality of services.

We are asking the current administration to end the One Barnet Programme before it is too late. Millions of pounds of public money has already been spent on consultants, with no discernible savings achieved, and the losses could be multiplied many fold in future.

You can sign the petition on the Barnet council website here or at GoPetition here.