Barnet CPZ Action newsletter No.6

30 May 2011

As you may know, as part of our legal case we had asked the Court to set a cap on the amount of costs that David Attfield would have to pay to Barnet Council should the legal action fail.

Sadly, we heard on Friday that the Court has declined to set a limit to David’s financial exposure. We also now know that Barnet have retained one of the country’s leading QCs, James Goudie QC, to defend the claim.

We are therefore at a critical stage of the legal action and are exploring a number of ideas for how the action can be continued. We want to share these with you and also seek your views. It’s vital that whatever we do, we have your support.

We are holding a public meeting to discuss the way forward. If you care about CPZ residents (only 10% of the Borough) paying the highest parking charges of any comparable borough, please come!


8pm, Thursday 2 June

The New Local Café, 42 High Road, N2 9PJ

Barnet CPZ Action