Has anybody seen this banner? It is pretty big: 4 foot by 9 foot, and, one would have thought, quite hard to miss. It is a garish yellow-green in colour with the following motto: “Our libraries, our NHS, our schools, our homes, our wardens our streets, our land, our old, our young, our past, our future – Hands off our Barnet!”

When last heard of it was in the possession of a man going under the name: Father Adrian Benjamin, said to be rector of All Saints Church and responsible for the Friern Barnet Summer Fair. He said it was like a bomb, intended to destroy the good work of the council and therefore he had a right to seize it, break it or get rid of it. On the other hand the laughing priest also announced that he had given it to Brian Coleman who had taken it to Barnet Town Hall, from where we could recover it. When questioned, he claimed that he had been lying and that actually he had lost it. He had left it in a corner of the marquee where we had been manning a stall he didn’t approve of. A gang working for him had knocked down the table, broken the banner’s support pole, run off with it and left it in his possession. When he came back for it next morning, it had gone. There have been plentiful rumours as to its actual whereabouts. A member of the Summer Fair committee said that it was in the church. Gang members said that they were going to leave it at the park gates. (It wasn’t there when we looked.)

If anybody can give any information as to its whereabouts, Father Adrian would be most grateful. He needs to dismantle it. A ‘bomb’ of such power that it can destroy a council’s good works is capable of doing a great deal of damage lying God knows where permanently at large in the community where any unsuspecting citizen can inadvertently come across it – a vulnerable elderly person perhaps or a child with no children’s centre or a disaffected youth with nowhere to go and nothing to do! This could be even more dangerous than when it stood innocently behind a stall inside a closed marquee for half a day.

Please email – in confidence – barnetalliance4publicservices @gmail.com if you have any information about our banner.