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Your invitation to the Barnet CPZ Action Quiz Night and Promises Auction

We’re holding a quiz night on the evening of Saturday 12 November. Please keep the date free. On the evening, we’ll give a (very brief) update on the campaign, but the main aim is to have fun and raise money. We’ll have a broad range of questions, including some with a local twist. There will also be a Promises Auction with a range of great prizes to bid for, including a tour of Lords Cricket Ground, a dog grooming session and a meal for two.

The more prizes we can auction, the more money we will raise to support the campaign, so please think whether there is something that you can donate. Would you give someone’s garden a make-over or agree to do some dog walking? Do you have a holiday home that you could donate for a weekend or football tickets you don’t need? If so, please let us know!

Full details will follow shortly.

A great fundraising idea

With our legal action progressing through the courts at a snail’s pace, it’s easy to think that people have forgotten about the increased CPZ charges or at least have become resigned to them. And then an email arrives (below) to remind us that the CPZ charges are very much a live issue. A couple of High Barnet residents decided to organise a local fundraising event. What started as a simple coffee morning blossomed into a true social occasion that raised over £360! We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to organise a similar event.

“News from High Barnet…….
S, a neighbour, and I wanted to do something to raise funds for the campaign and decided to hold a coffee morning at my home in Barnet.
We planned a raffle and sale of second-hand books, CDs and DVDs and hoped we might raise enough to cover costs plus a little bit on top.
We leafleted only three streets very local to us and asked for any contributions that people may be able to give – this took us about two hours in total.
Well – what a great response we got. Books, CDs, raffle prizes and some good bric-a-brac came in, along with offers to make cakes and help on the day. We placed posters in our windows advertising the day and offered ‘CUP and a CAKE’ for £1 with squash and biscuits for kids at 50p. Books etc and bric-a-brac were set out on our pasting table in the hall.
While we didn’t count heads, we estimate that about fifty people came along, and did us proud, buying the goods and making cash contributions to the campaign! And it was a great social occasion too, with neighbours and strangers chatting together. It was clear that people feel strongly about the issue and are willing to support the fight.
This turned out to be a way to raise funds for not a huge amount of time and energy, and small financial outlay, and in the event we far exceeded our expectations and the final tally was £366.35 to add to the campaign fund!
A big vote of thanks goes to everyone who came and gave so generously!