Defend Our Pensions! – A joint public meeting of Barnet Alliance and Barnet TUC

The government’s pension proposals will leave public workers paying more, working for longer, getting less in retirement. This government’s pension plan is less about saving money, but rather to make privatisation more profitable for the private bidders. The reform, says public sector outsourcing specialists Lane Clark & Peacock, would lead to “more opportunities for a wider range of organisations to become involved in providing public services”.

With the anticipated numbers of people taking part in industrial action on 30th November, this has the potential to be the biggest day of industrial action ever seen in this country. The Government needs to get the message about how many people are opposed to their solution for the banking crisis – collecting the money from the poorest, who did nothing to create the problem.

If you are unclear what you think about the issue – come to the meeting and find out what we are saying.

Greek Cypriot Centre, Britannia Road, N12

Wednesday 16th November, 7pm-9pm