A meeting not to be missed!

What is the One Barnet Commissioning Council and how will it affect residents?”

Wednesday 6 June 7-9 pm

Greek Cypriot Centre, Britannia Road, North Finchley N12

The briefing will be delivered by Andy Mudd, Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE)


Most Barnet residents will be unaware of the implications of Barnet council’s Chief Executive’s proposed restructure of the current senior management team. It has to be the most significant restructure currently taking place in any council in the UK.

It is really important that residents are aware of the wider council service risks of the One Barnet Commissioning Council.



Barnet UNISON recently commissioned a report from the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE), a highly reputable not for profit local government body promoting excellence in public services and providing advisory and consultancy services to over 250 local authorities in the UK. The report written by Andy Mudd looked into LB Barnet’s recent track record in procuring services from external companies, its processes and mechanisms for managing outsourcing, and the impact this may have for the One Barnet Project with its intent to embark on large scale outsourcing of core services on the thin client model.

The report was sent to the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Assistant Director of Finance – Audit and Risk Audit and Monitoring officer and the Leader of Barnet Council.

The Council rejected UNISON’s offer of a meeting to discuss the concerns.

Barnet UNISON, with support from both regional and national UNISON, have now begun a series of briefings to councillors, staff and residents culminating in a Special Conference specifically on One Barnet, that will be co-sponsored by Barnet Alliance for Public Services and will be held on Saturday 7 July at the Greek Cypriot Centre in North Finchley from 12 noon till 5.