Our Barnet – NOT “One Barnet” community torch relay and parade and rally goes ahead despite Barnet council banning the closing party

Dear friend,

The ‘Our Barnet – NOT “One Barnet”’ community torch relay and parade will go ahead, including the closing rally outside Victoria Park from 1 o’clock, today, Saturday 21 July. Unfortunately, due to the council’s unreasonable and deliberately anti-democratic stance, we will have to have our party elsewhere, although music bands, stalls and games had been planned for the closing rally.

The bottom line of it all is that Barnet council seems to be scared of the growing opposition of residents to its One Barnet Programme of privatisation and is trying to gag residents despite our efforts to work with them.

It seems that our council, Barnet council, have decided to declare war on its residents and not allow them to enjoy and celebrate. Being unable to stop the political protest which is protected under Articles 10 & 11 of the Human Rights Act (the freedom of expression and the right to protest and freedom of association), they are banning the fun part of the protest.

The correspondence below followed other attempts to intimidate members of our community in the last week, using various excuses, as well as a phone call received from New Scotland Yard a few days ago, trying to link us with disrupting the Olympic torch relay in Barnet (when in all our publications it is clear that our protest takes place on a different day altogether!). Failing this, the Scotland Yard official tried to suggest that we had not liaised with our local police; when she heard from me that we did exactly as required by law and are working closely with officers from Colindale police station, she concluded the conversation saying ‘there is no problem then’. From my conversation with the Scotland Yard inspector it seems that the instigator of this phone call who passed the request to the Scotland Yard to investigate us was not the local Met…

I am sure the residents and families attending our rally today Saturday 21 July will be angry with the council’s decision, and it will add to the growing anger with Barnet’s top officials and Conservative Cabinet, this time – as party spoilers.

Please join us on Saturday 21 July to protest against the One Barnet Programme of privatisation and attacks on democracy in Barnet.

Tirza Waisel, BAPS coordinator


10:30 for 11 start – Friern Barnet library, Friern Barnet Road
11:30 North Finchley library, Ravensdale Avenue opposite High Road Sainsbury’s, N12:
March through our threatened High Road to support local traders
12:00 Tally Ho Corner
13:00 Ballards Lane, N12 outside Victoria Park, rally & party