We are asking Barnet residents to contact their councillors about the One Barnet programme.

* What does your councillor think of the One Barnet programme?

* Will your councillor help you to defeat it? (That is assuming that you have made up your mind yourself!)

* Will your councillor support a debate in the council chamber on the issue (no, there hasn’t been one yet)?

Go to meet your councillor and find out.

Don’t know which ward you belong to or who are your councillors?
You can find this out by searching for your post code in the wards listed here.

Then you can find when and where their ward surgery takes place on LBB list of councillors’ surgeries.

If you want to take part in this campaign, you can read about One Barnet in this leaflet. It includes questions to ask councillors.

You can also sign and collect signatures on a petition calling for the One Barnet programme to be put to a referendum of all Barnet residents. We will have to live with the consequences: let us decide whether we want the One Barnet programme! Download the One Barnet petition here.

A list of councillors’ contact details is on the back of the petition.

Please let us know how you get on. Email barnetalliance4publicservices@gmail.com.