Friday 31st August, Atos HQ, Triton Square, London, 12:45pm
Map: Triton Square, London NW1

Don’t let Atos be a winner at the Paralympic Games – join us for The Closing Atos Ceremony, the grand finale to Disabled People Against Cuts’ week of Atos Games.

Atos are sponsoring the Paralympics, whilst wrecking disabled people’s lives. Chancellor George Osborne has vowed to slash £18 billion from the welfare budget, regardless of people’s needs and ignoring the alternatives. To help them do their dirty work, the Government are paying Atos £100 million a year to ‘test’ sick and disabled people and decide whether they’re ‘fit for work’. But Atos’ Work Capability Assessments are driving disabled people to suicide and over 1,000 people have died of their illnesses soon after being found ‘fit for work’.

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The nearest fully accessible British Rail station is King’s Cross. From there, catch Bus 30 towards Marble Arch or Bus 205 towards Paddington from stop R or A, and get off at Warren Street, bus stop V.

Please email or text to let us know about your travel and communication support needs, and we will try our best to meet them:, or text 07502 022 077.

Meeting place:
Triton Square, Atos HQ

Time to meet:
12:45 PM

Contact details:
UK Uncut:
DPAC:, or text 07502 022 077