Barnet Council is trying to justify the One Barnet programme by saying that, on the current trajectory, the whole of the council budget will soon be spent on adult and children’s social care.

To back up this alarming – and alarmist – scenario they produced a so-called ‘Graph of Doom’, which has been widely reported in the press.

John Dix – aka Barnet blogger ‘Mr Reasonable’ – has analysed the ‘graph of doom’ and criticises it in this document.

The Graph of Doom: Fact or Fantasy, 1 October 2012

Barnet Council Unison branch is producing a series of briefings on different aspects of the One Barnet programme. This, the 9th and latest, looks at the issue of the risks involved in outsourcing Regulatory Services to the private sector.

Barnet Unison One Barnet Briefing Number 9: Regulatory Services and Risk

These PDF documents are also available from the ‘Critique’ page.