A discussion between residents, councillors of all parties and experts in public administration.

7-9pm, Thursday 8th November at the Greek Cypriot Community Centre, Britannia Road, London N12 9RU

A Question Time-type meeting, in order to give the council’s leaders, councillors and the public an opportunity to meet with each other and have a  genuine discussion about the One Barnet programme.

One Barnet will determine our future in this borough for the next 10-15 years, yet the council have never facilitated such a discussion. On the contrary, they have been doing their best to conceal it from residents.

We want to give councillors an opportunity to explain to their electorate directly the considerations and reasons that drive them to support this extreme privatisation, and to hear first-hand from their constituents the anxieties, fears and concerns the notion of One Barnet raises with residents.

At the same time we want to provide an opportunity for the public to hear from experts what exactly is One Barnet, and what risks this programme entails for us.

Free entry; open to all.

More details: [email protected]

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