Barnet Residents campaign for outsourced social care services provided by Your Choice Barnet to be brought back in house.

The Campaign Against the Destruction of Disabled Support Services (CADDSS for short) has been set up by Barnet residents to protest against deteriorating social care provision in the London Borough of Barnet.

At the moment CADDSS is focusing on the plight of severely disabled adults facing drastic changes to their social care, which Barnet Council is responsible for providing. Neither they nor their families have been consulted about these changes which will have a great impact on their lives.

CADDSS to lobby Your Choice Barnet Board, Wednesday, 29 May 2013
Barnet residents and members of CADDSS will be lobbying the Your Choice Barnet Board meeting on Wednesday, 29 May at 6 pm, in Committee Room 2, 1st Floor, Barnet House, 1255 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 0EJ. We will ask why service users and their families have not been consulted about the changes the Board is proposing.

Petition to bring services back in house
CADDSS is urging people to sign the petition demanding that Your Choice Barnet services are brought back in house

Background information
Your choice Barnet was set up by Barnet Council as part of the One Barnet Programme of outsourcing to provide services for adults with disabilities. It is failing financially and its proposed solution is to restructure services and reduce the number and skill level of staff.

These changes mean people who need care will have the number of days they can attend day centres reduced. Care will be provided by under skilled workers. There will be inadequate incontinence care at night in residential care units. There will be fewer opportunities for activities in a safe environment.

People needing care will be put at risk of social isolation and damage to their health and well-being. Their carers will suffer from increased stress.

JOIN US on the lobby of Your Choice Barnet board, Wednesday, 29 May 2013, 5:30 pm outside Barnet House 1255 High Road N20, 6 pm in Committee Room 2, 1st Floor, Barnet House, 1255 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 0EJ.

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