FREE Public Speaking Training Sat 1 June 2 PM

A three hours free training in Public Speaking is available for community activists.

This will be given by an experienced trainer, Louise Chinnery from Unison, and will take place on:
Saturday 1st June at 2 pm
at the Larches Community hall,
1 Rectory Lane, Edgware,

Middlesex HA8 7LF

Please let us know by email if you are interested in coming.

The objective behind organising this training is to equip more people from our community with the tools for influencing effective change, speaking in public being one of these tools. We recently benefited from another excellent training about recruitment and fund raising.

The training will aim to cover some of the issues like:

  • What is my aim” behind the speech / talk in question.
  • Asses who the audience is
  • Am I simply giving information about what my campaign/group is and what it does?
  • Do I want people to come and participate in X activity?
  • How do I mix the two points above effectively? i.e. in a 20 minute speech how much time do I designate for Introduction to the organisation and how much time for the announcement of the event.   
  • How to recognise the audience reactions and tune the pace and contents accordingly
  • Effective ways of recording what went well / wrong in a speech and how to improve it for the next time.
  • Learn to differentiate between various types of public speaking occasions (talk about the campaign, speech in a demo, delivering statement/message of solidarity, speaking at a conference, etc.)
  • Learn how to prepare such talks for time limited slots - e.g. “All you ever wanted to know about the the One Barnet Programme & BAPS” in 3, 10, or 20 minutes.
  • Develop confidence by exercises, positive peer critique & self reflection
  • Train in the actual presentation



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