Organising for Better Transport: Making our voices heard!

A day of workshops by TSSA (Transport and Salaried Staffs’ Association) to which we were invited on Saturday 8 June, from 11am-5pm at the Graduate Centre of London Metropolitan University (166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB). Looks promising.

Organising for Better Transport: Making our voices heard!

Join us on Saturday 8 June for a day of learning and discussion on how to build winning movements for change. Practical sessions will include

  • Veteran community organiser from America and a former mentor of Barrack Obama, Arnie Graf, discussing how we can organise our communities.
  • Workshops on building alliances, organising your community and ‘power mapping’
  • a session by the New Economics Foundation exploring why the austerity agenda is self-defeating


People can sign up to the event via this link:

BAPS will have a stall in this event.

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