Barnet Against Privatisation and Austerity



Greek-Cypriot Centre

Britannia Road, N12 9RU


  • Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary
  • Kevin Courtney, NUT Deputy General Secretary
  • Dr Jacky Davis, Keep Our NHS Public
  • Lewisham People Before Profit
  • Barnet Alliance for Public Services
  • Save Barnet NHS

And local trade-unions and community organisations.


Austerity and privatisation are not working. Hard working people are being hit, with households having lost an average of £1,500 a year since 2010 and over 5 million workers on zero hour contracts while bankers’ earnings are at pre-crisis levels. .

The NHS is being destroyed by the Tories. They are breaking it up and opening its £100 billion budget for private companies to take a slice. There is money for replacing Trident and a war in Afghanistan, but essential services such as health and education are being cut to the bone.

In Barnet, the mega-privatisation known as “One Barnet” will cost us a fortune. Private consultants have been paid over £13 million to prepare the contracts, and companies such as Capita will be paid £1billion to deliver public services over the next 10 years. Our public services will now be run for a private profit. We lose out, while Capita boss Paul Pindar says he is not a “fat cat” when earning £14,500 a week.

Come to the meeting. Hear how austerity is not working. Discuss what can be the alternatives, and how we can fight to reclaim our services.

Food and refreshments will be available from 6pm

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