How well do we support the most vulnerable people in our society?

The Campaign Against Destruction of Disabled Support Services (CADDSS) welcomes the appointment of the new Care Quality Commission chief inspector Andrea Sutcliffe.

CADDSS congratulates Ms Sutcliffe on her clear views about the way to ensure good quality care services and hopes that her appointment will provide an opportunity for the CQC to look again at the most effective way of safeguarding vulnerable people. CADDSS hopes that the new chief inspector will lead the CQC to incorporate services like day centres for people with learning disabilities in the remit of their inspection.

Following a recent incident when a person attending a day centre for people with learning disabilities fell down a manhole, members of CADDSS, a local group campaigning on behalf of disabled people in Barnet wrote to the Care Quality Commission and were shocked to discover from them that this statutory regulatory body has no brief to inspect or monitor day centres for people with learning disabilities in spite of their website saying ‘we check a range of community based services’.

Download full CADDSS press release

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