Safeguarding Committee – Your Choice Barnet inquiry report - Join us Wednesday 27 November , 6 pm


Your Choice Barnet (YCB), formerly a Barnet Council service for adults with disabilities, and now a Local Authority Trading Company, has accumulated losses since it was formed as a profit-making provider, resulting in detrimental changes to service users and staff alike.

We have been working with the parent/carer campaign group CADDSS (Campaign Against Destruction of Disability Support Services) to bring this failing service back under the democratic control of Barnet Council.

You can read the background and progress of the campaign on BAPS website under Social Care.

Barnet Council agreed to carry out an inquiry into YCB and will consider the report at this meeting. You can read it here. We are asking all supporters to come to this committee meeting to support the campaign.

If you find the inquiry report disappointing as we do, you can ask about it! Public questions may be asked about the report, and should be related to a specific paragraph in the report, so when you draft your questions make sure you say which paragraph you refer to. Questions should be emailed to the officer no later than 10 am on Monday 25 Nov

CADDSS had commissioned a report by Professor Dexter Whitfield on Your Choice entitled ‘The way out of financial crisis’, which you can read here.This report was submitted to the committee as part of the evidence to demonstrate why Your Choice Barnet needs to be brought back under full council’s control.

CADDSS had also compiled a report of evidence from parents to service users, which was submitted to the Task & Finish Group and can be viewed here and the press release here.

The report is yet to go back to the Cabinet, if not to the committee that had commissioned it, so we still have a chance to influence the final decision and demand that YCB will be brought back in-house. To help the councillors make the right decision, it is important that they will face the very people who will be affected by their decision - the service users of YCB and their families. We ask you to come and support these vulnerable residents and their family carers in the Town Hall on Wednesday 27 November at 6 pm.


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