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Post elections press release

Barnet Alliance for Public Services FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    25 May 2014 Barnet Alliance for Public Services, like Barnet Bloggers Mrs Angry, Mr Reasonable, Mr Mustard and the Barnet Eye, did everything in their power to inform the residents of Barnet of the current and future impact of the disastrous policies of the Conservative Party. In a climate where nationally the three major parties supported privatisation and cuts, we knew that we were

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Barnet People’s Choir NEW video on life in Tory ruled Capitaville

New video released today 7 May 2014 highlights the grim reality of life under One Barnet Tory regime, only two weeks before our chance to replace the Conservatives with a more humane council, on the 22 May local elections. Read BAPS press release here. Watch on YouTube And here are the lyrics of the song.

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Freer - democracy in reverse - BT’s nightmare vision

It is now over a week since I got a very nice posh velvety envelope enclosing a very nice posh piece of yellowish paper with a logo of a dangerous DO NOT ENTER spiked gate. Beneath it was a message and a '60 second survey' from my good friend Mike Freer. "As your MP" he tells me, "it is very important that I hear your views". I was flattered and pleased. "He must be making up" I thought "for that time he called the police to have me and other more

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