Why Barnet council workers are going on strike?

Russel Brand and John McDonnell MP support Barnet council’s workers

Unison members in Barnet council say they ‘want to work for the Council, they want to be directly accountable to the residents of Barnet’; They ‘don’t want to work for an employer which will not pay the London Living Wage as a basic minimum’; They ‘don’t want to work for an employer which won’t allow their colleagues to belong to their Pension Scheme’, and they ‘don’t want to work for an employer which will take jobs out of the borough.’

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Support Barnet Council workers’ strike over outsourcing

Join the picket lines

Come to the Phoenix cinema Monday 1st June 12 noon

Attend the rally Tuesday 2nd June (march starts from NLBP 12 noon)

News reaching us that everything left at the council is likely to be outsourced, including adult social care. This really will be the end of council services and coming at a time when there are more reports that such outsourcing is not cost-effective, something we have long known and said. Barnet council’s workers and their trade unions have been stalwart allies in the campaign to resist outsourcing, privatisation and the destruction of our council services. Please stand with them now, literally, on the picket lines this Monday and Tuesday; and come to the free screening of The Emperor’s New Clothes at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley on their first day of strike action. as many residents as possible need to see the film as it presents the facts about Austerity and gives us all a good reason to carry on campaigning.

You can reserve free tickets by booking via this link 

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