No place for EDL in Barnet: Join the vigil against racism & Islamophobia 6 June 6-7 pm Muswell Hill

Barnet Alliance for Public Services is shocked and enraged by the racist attack on the Somali Bravanese community centre in Muswell Hill.

We will not tolerate any racism in our community and we will not stand by when such attacks threaten our fellow residents, our neighbours and friends.

BAPS will join in the community vigil against islamophobia and racism held at the site of the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association. We are calling on our supporters to join us there.

The vigil will be held tomorrow THURDAY 6 JUNE, 6-7PM at the BRAVANESE CENTRE, 116 COPPETTS ROAD, MUSWELL HILL N10 1JS

We stand together with our friends against Islamophobia and racism. There is no place for EDL or BNP in Barnet!

News links: Hendon & Finchley Times, Guardian

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