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No place for EDL in Barnet: Join the vigil against racism & Islamophobia 6 June 6-7 pm Muswell Hill

Barnet Alliance for Public Services is shocked and enraged by the racist attack on the Somali Bravanese community centre in Muswell Hill. We will not tolerate any racism in our community and we will not stand by when such attacks threaten our fellow residents, our neighbours and friends. BAPS will join in the community vigil against islamophobia and racism held at the site of the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association. We are calling on our supporters

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Barnet Alliance Annual General Meeting

  BARNET ALLIANCE FOR PUBLIC SERVICES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   Monday 1st July, 7-10 pm Greek Cypriot Centre Britannia Road, London N12 9RU   This will be an opportunity to join BAPS as a member or renew your membership, and contribute to the community campaign to defend and improve public services in Barnet.     The business part of the AGM will be followed by a talk by Gerald Shamash, Maria Nash's solicitor in her Judicial

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The One Barnet Judicial Review: summary of three days

This is a summary of the three days of the hearing of Maria Nash's application for Judicial Review (JR) of Barnet Council's 'One Barnet' outsourcing programme. For more detail, and an account of who said what, read Mrs Angry’s blog Broken Barnet. As the name indicates, a Judicial Review is heard before a judge, in this case Mr Justice Underhill. He sat at a desk on a raised stage surrounded by lever arch files containing submissions in the case

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Barnet Spring march

Read about the march at the Times website here. Follow us on Twitter: @BarnetAlliance - hashtags: #BarnetSpring #OurBarnet #OneBarnet #Crapita   Messages of support "Once more Barnet is in the forefront of the struggle. The more outsourcing, sub-contracting and privatisation fail, the more they are pressured. Job losses, lower wages, poorer services – this is the legacy that the privatisations are having. We look in vain for a strong lead

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Your Choice Barnet - your right to be consulted

HAVE YOU BEEN CONSULTED? A letter to carers using Your Choice Barnet   Your Choice Barnet, the for-profit Local Authority Trading Company that provides the services for adults with learning and physical disabilities, is in financial difficulties. As a result, it is proposing to restructure the services and reduce staffing levels. The details can be found at: http://barnetalliance.org/2013/03/04/your-choice-thelatc-is-collapsing/ What the proposed

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‘One Barnet’ Judicial Review - day 1

[caption id="attachment_2503" align="alignnone" width="738"] Supporters of Barnet resident Maria Nash gather outside the High Court on day 1 of her application for Judicial Review of Barnet Council's 'One Barnet' outsourcing programme.[/caption] Barnet resident Maria Nash is bringing an application for Judicial Review of Barnet Council's 'One Barnet' outsourcing programme. Day 1 of the hearing was yesterday on Tuesday 19 March. It is being heard

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Your Choice Barnet: easyCouncil’s first flight crash lands - many casualties

Details are coming in about the fiasco of "Your Choice Barnet", the first for-profit Local Authority Trading Company created in the framework of the One Barnet Programme, which provides the services for adults with learning and physical disabilities. From a forecast surplus of £54,000 presented in the business case by Barnet Council a year ago, it has now gone into a bailout of £1,000,000 by Barnet Homes after the first year of operation. And they

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Barnet Spring, 23 March - new speakers confirmed including Owen Jones

New speakers have confirmed for the "Barnet Spring" march on Saturday 23 March. We will march to defend our public services as an accountable service, instead of handing them over to Capita to profit from at our expense. The march will be the culmination of a week that sees a national spotlight shone on Barnet Council's "One Barnet" programme (OBP). On 19-21 March Barnet resident Maria Nash will seek a Judicial Review of OBP (join us to demonstrate

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BAPS response to the council’s attack on Maria Nash

Questions need to be asked – why is it that a resident had no other choice but to apply for Judicial Review in an attempt to save her own and her neighbours' future? Who is to blame for this? And how will a council that refused to engage in meaningful consultation with its residents pay the cost of its follies, a cost that could have so easily been avoided if they only had listened? Cllr Cornelius will say ‘costs will be paid for by cuts to services'.

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Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) support for Barnet Spring

We received the following message of support from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) for our Barnet Spring march on 23 March. They tell us they will be promoting Barnet Spring across their networks and will send a speaker. DPAC fully supports the campaign to oppose the privatisation of public services in Barnet. What is happening in Barnet is important to everyone because Barnet is only just the beginning and if this is allowed to happen in one

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Email: Bring Your Choice Barnet back in-house!

Click on the button and ask Barnet Council's Cabinet members to bring 'Your Choice Barnet' back in-house! Write your own text or use ours.

Bring 'Your Choice Barnet' back in-house

Dear Councillor,


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