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Save Barnet Libraries (SBL) sends Letter before Claim to Barnet Council.
Save Barnet Libraries

Barnet campaign group Save Barnet Libraries (SBL) has taken the first step in legal action to challenge the errors in the Council’s current consultation by sending a ‘letter before claim’ to Barnet Council earlier this week. ‘They’re keeping the buildings open but reducing the service so severely there’ll be almost nothing left. The consultation is much more limited than last year’s and it doesn’t even say what hours my library will

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What has an international trade treaty such as TTIP to do with local government?

  Under TTIP when procuring goods or services, local governments would have to submit tenders across the EU & the USA. Very likely is that multi-national companies would win the tenders. Local companies would simply not get a look-in, nor the administrative resources challenge the big companies. Bad for the local economy and local employment. ·        TTIP negotiations are carried out in secret. ·        There has been no

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Who will be caring for vulnerable Barnet residents from 2016?
YCB care workers on strike September 2014

  Barnet Council is considering a future operating model for Adult Social Care with the aim of reducing demand for Council funded Adult Social Care Services. People will be expected to rely more on family, friends and community resources. Barnet Council is also considering changes to its Children’s Services that would be run by a not-for-profit organisation as an alternative to keeping the service in-house. Elderly people will be encouraged

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Seven Magnificent Reasons “Why we are very afraid of Capita taking over our Council”
Barnet sign Capita deal4

  Take a look at what has been happening to Birmingham City Council since Capita came in. Remember we are told that privatisation will prevent cuts to frontline services, yet Birmingham Council are having to make huge cuts to public services whilst Capita sit there and make obscene profits from our taxpayer’s money.   It all started when the Coalition of Tories & Lib Dems running Birmingham City Council until 2012 agreed to let Capita

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R.I.P. Barnet Public Services – Residents mourn the takeover by Capita

  Barnet Alliance for Public Services PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 30 August 2013     R.I.P. Barnet Public Services – Residents mourn the takeover by Capita   ‘People in Barnet are dismayed at the Council’s massive outsourcing not only without consultation,’ says BAPS spokesperson Barbara Jacobson, ‘but especially in the light of continuing news about the failure of the private sector in delivering public services.’

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Barnet bloggers call for independent inquiry into alleged constitutional breach

During June meeting of the Budget, Performance, Overview and Scrutiny Committee Cllr. Anthony Finn, the Chair, inform the world that "the purpose of scrutiny is not to criticise, but to make a positive contribution."   But apparently, Cllr Finn quibbling turned to be a serious issue, when the disgraced ex-Tory cllr. Coleman revealed in the full council meeting last week that there is no scrutiny in Barnet Council, and that the Councillors are whipped

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The One Barnet Judicial Review: summary of three days

This is a summary of the three days of the hearing of Maria Nash's application for Judicial Review (JR) of Barnet Council's 'One Barnet' outsourcing programme. For more detail, and an account of who said what, read Mrs Angry’s blog Broken Barnet. As the name indicates, a Judicial Review is heard before a judge, in this case Mr Justice Underhill. He sat at a desk on a raised stage surrounded by lever arch files containing submissions in the case

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Barnet Spring march

Read about the march at the Times website here. Follow us on Twitter: @BarnetAlliance - hashtags: #BarnetSpring #OurBarnet #OneBarnet #Crapita   Messages of support "Once more Barnet is in the forefront of the struggle. The more outsourcing, sub-contracting and privatisation fail, the more they are pressured. Job losses, lower wages, poorer services – this is the legacy that the privatisations are having. We look in vain for a strong lead

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‘One Barnet’ Judicial Review - day 1

[caption id="attachment_2503" align="alignnone" width="738"] Supporters of Barnet resident Maria Nash gather outside the High Court on day 1 of her application for Judicial Review of Barnet Council's 'One Barnet' outsourcing programme.[/caption] Barnet resident Maria Nash is bringing an application for Judicial Review of Barnet Council's 'One Barnet' outsourcing programme. Day 1 of the hearing was yesterday on Tuesday 19 March. It is being heard

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Your Choice Barnet: easyCouncil’s first flight crash lands - many casualties

Details are coming in about the fiasco of "Your Choice Barnet", the first for-profit Local Authority Trading Company created in the framework of the One Barnet Programme, which provides the services for adults with learning and physical disabilities. From a forecast surplus of £54,000 presented in the business case by Barnet Council a year ago, it has now gone into a bailout of £1,000,000 by Barnet Homes after the first year of operation. And they

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