Sixteen millions and what do you get?

In Barnet Capita have taken control, They now control the residents body and soul For many of us it's been a bitter pill, To be forced out of Barnet into Capitaville Chorus They hand over 16mil an what do you get. Silence from Tories and deeper in debt St Peter don't you call us cos we can't go They sold our soul to the Capita Store.   Before the contract signing Capita had to pay But after the signing its gone the other way. Capita were supposed

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Wrong addressee!

The below was intended to be sent by Mike Freer MP to an unknown addressee, but instead hit the mail box of the occupiers of his front yard surgery. Enjoy! From: FREER, Mike <mike.freer.mp@parliament.uk> Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 7:20 AM Subject: Re: Invitation for direct democratic To: Bohemian <thebarnetbohemians@gmail.com> err no email told them to phone and we would follow our usual procedures. which they seem unable to do. I am

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Urgent email action to Barnet Council decision-makers

With just days to go until Barnet Council Cabinet are due to decide on who to award a £750m contract - BT or Capita - we are asking Barnet residents to email councillors in the ruling Conservative group to ask them to think again. We are suggesting the text below, but please send whatever message you want to send. You can automatically send the message below to the members of the Cabinet by using the URGENT EMAIL ACTION button (see right). Suggested

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BAPS petition handover 24/10/2012

Date & time: Wednesday 24 October 2012, gathering at 6:30pm for a 7pm meeting Location: Hendon Town Hall BAPS will be submitting the first batch of petition signatures to the council in the Business Management Overview & Scrutiny Committee. JOIN US IN THE PUBLIC GALLERY

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A discussion between residents, councillors of all parties and experts in public administration. 7-9pm, Thursday 8th November at the Greek Cypriot Community Centre, Britannia Road, London N12 9RU A Question Time-type meeting, in order to give the council's leaders, councillors and the public an opportunity to meet with each other and have a  genuine discussion about the One Barnet programme. One Barnet will determine our future in this borough for

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TUC march, Saturday 20 October

Marching Together as a Community For a Future That Works on the TUC's march, Saturday 20 October Join us on Saturday 20 October to say NO to Austerity, privatisation, pay freezes for workers and unnecessary spending cuts! Meeting places in Barnet: Finchley Central Tube station: 9am - 9:15am (sharp) Contact: Kieran 07734 349732 or Donald 07727  748209 Colindale Tube station: 9am - 9:15am (sharp) Contact: Louis 07909 156552 or Vicki 07446 292994

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“BARNET – THE BILLION POUND GAMBLE” Film premiere, Monday 22 October

On Monday 22 October at 6.30pm, the world premiere of a new film, "Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble", will be shown at the iconic Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley. (Doors open 6pm; film shown at 6.30pm, programme ends 8pm. Entry by suggested donation of £1.) The film has been made by US film director Charles Honderick and exposes the chaos being wrought by the policies of Barnet Council. In interviews local residents explain how difficult life has

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Barnet CEO resignation: Barnet Alliance calls for new elections

At a crowded meeting on Wednesday 10 October, the Barnet Alliance for Public Services enthusiastically passed the following emergency resolution: In view of the sudden impending departure of the Chief Executive Officer of the council, Nick Walkley, and the likely collapse of the ONE BARNET privatisation programme, we demand that the cabinet resign forthwith to enable fresh local elections. --- Comment We felt that the borough was now left without

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The ‘Graph of Doom’ revisited; and Barnet UNISON briefing on Regulatory Services and Risk

Barnet Council is trying to justify the One Barnet programme by saying that, on the current trajectory, the whole of the council budget will soon be spent on adult and children's social care. To back up this alarming - and alarmist - scenario they produced a so-called 'Graph of Doom', which has been widely reported in the press. John Dix - aka Barnet blogger 'Mr Reasonable' - has analysed the 'graph of doom' and criticises it in this document. The

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What is a Joint Venture? And what does it mean for the Development and Regulatory Services (DRS) One Barnet contract?

By Barnet Unison What is a Joint Venture? A joint venture is usually a company that is part owned by the council and part by a private contractor. There are different kinds of company that can be used for a joint venture but the most common are where each party invests, i.e. takes shares in the company, or where each party guarantees the company’s liabilities up to a fixed amount. These types of company are known respectively as Company Limited

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