No to One Barnet, the £1 Billion Gamble!

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“Our Barnet” newspaper

Our Barnet issue no.4 (June 2012)

Issue no.4 of the Barnet Alliance newspaper Our Barnet is out now!

You can get paper copies by emailing us here.

Or read it here online. Please share the links with friends and neighbours.

This issue is full of detail about Barnet council’s privatisation plan ‘One Barnet’:

Front page – click here

Centre pages – click here

Back page – click here

Our Barnet issue no.3 (November 2011)

Issue 3 of our newspaper Our Barnet :

The front page headline is “We want good pensions for all!” Other main articles are:
– Barnet 2012: what lies ahead?
– Bring back EMA!
– Disabled people deserve better
– Housing: defend secure tenancies!
– Save Our Support Services (guest column by Campaign Against Destruction of Disabled Support Services)
– “Our Barnet” residents’ forums
– Young people demand a future – with jobs!

View the pages by clicking on the link:
Issue 3 (Nov 2011) front page
Issue 3 (Nov 2011) centre pages
Issue 3 (Nov 2011) back page


Our Barnet issue no.2 (September 2011)

Click for issue 2 (Sept 2011) front page

Click for issue 2 (Sept 2011) centre pages

Click for issue 2 (Sept 2011) back page


The Barnet Alliance has (12 January 2011) published a four-page newspaper, “Our Barnet”, giving an overview of the cuts proposed in Barnet and of the council’s easyCouncil project (now renamed One Barnet). It also features a “Save the libraries” column by Roger Tichborne, the Barnet Eye blogger.

Click to access:

Our Barnet issue no.1 (January 2011)

If you can distribute copies in your area or want a speaker for a meeting, please email or leave a comment.