We are concerned by the lack of consultation there has been with residents over important issues including:
- mass privatisation of council services
- hikes in charges to residents for such things as adult social care and CPZ parking.

Barnet council’s own residents’ forums have been useful meetings for residents to raise concerns - but in recent months they have been partially muzzled, with restrictions on what issues residents can raise, and other limits. We urge residents to challenge the changes and to keep using the residents’ forums.

But we need to supplement this with meetings organised by us. That is why we have organised this event…

All residents are invited to the “Our Barnet” residents’ forum on Tuesday 4 October.

The meeting is from 7-9pm, at the Greek Cypriot Community Centre, 2 Britannia Road, London N12 9RU.

Councillors, MPs and senior council officers have been invited to answer your questions on any topic that concerns you in our borough. You can submit questions on the night or via email: [email protected]

See the leaflet here for more details. Please print off and invite friends, neighbours… OUR BARNET RESIDENTS FORUM (printable leaflet)