Barnet Alliance is rallying to support two concerned local residents. Maria Nash, whose High Court hearing is likely to take place after mid March, and John Sullivan, who has taken the decision to instruct lawyers to seek a Judicial Review of the One Barnet Programme on behalf of his daughter Susan.

John is concerned that the privatisation of services will cause deterioration in their quality as well as financial implications in case of a failure, which will affect all services across the board and all Barnet residents, among them Susan.

Maria Nash said “Despite being involved in local issues, including being engaged in the political process in relation to issues that affect me, I have not been consulted, either individually or as a member of any of the local bodies or interest groups with which I am associated. I have been desperately concerned about the impact of the NSCSO and DRS on me and other, especially the vulnerable such as the elderly, disabled or young. What I would like to see is proper meaningful engagement with stakeholders before a decision is made to outsource services to a private company.”

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