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  • Niall Bakewell

    Nov 21, 2012


    Well done on an excellent campaign against the handover of our rights and assets to big business. If you're a Chipping Barnet constituent, please write to your MP, Theresa Villiers, and ask her to extend political donor transparency to Northern Ireland. Ms Villiers is Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and as such she has the power to end a strange discrepency in the UK, whereby Northern Ireland political parties do not have their lists of major donors available to the general public. Donor transparency has been normal in Great Britain since 2001, but Northern Ireland is treated as a special case because of the Troubles. We have a briefing document explaining why we believe this is illogical If politicians can take money from big business without the public knowing, they can make decisions that are not in the public interest, and hide the gains they've made as a result. How do we know that BT didn't give money to the DUP before this decision was made: This is a case which resonates with what is happening in Barnet. Please give me a call on 028 9089 7592 or 07729208005 if you want to discuss the links between Barnet and Northern Ireland, which go beyond your MP being our Secretary of State. The Northern Ireland Assembly is driving a mass privatisation agenda as well. Please read our briefing document on the parlous state of the Northern Ireland planning system which should be a warning to everyone in England and Wales who is under the shadow of Tory reforms to the Town and Country Planning Act. Please also read our latest newsletter, about five years of restored devolution in Northern Ireland: Good luck in your campaign. We will support you in every way we can. Regards Niall Bakewell Activism Coordinator Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

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