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We are running three petitions.

The first is a demand to stop the proposed privatisation of Barnet Council’s regulatory services (things such as trading standards):

Click the link below to sign the petition on Barnet Council’s website (t is also being hosted on the Avaaz website):

Petition to: Stop the privatisation of Regulatory Services

The second is the One Barnet referendum petition. This has been presented at a Barnet full council meeting, but we are still promoting it in order to show the continued strength of feeling of Barnet residents that they should decide on the One Barnet programme:

Click the link below to sign the petition on Barnet Council’s website:

Petition to: Stop the One Barnet Programme (Referendum petition)

The third is a demand to bring Your Choice Barnet back in-house, as the council promised to do in the event of the failure of privatisation.

Click the link below to sign the petition on Barnet Council’s website:

Petition to: Bring “Your Choice Barnet” back in-house


  • chris fursdon davis

    Nov 08, 2012


    Fully support confronting the madness of private sectorisation. Referendum essential if plans are not dropped - and you will undoubtedly win. Very impressive artwork and commentary. Can't find a petition of usual format.

  • Leon Rosselson

    Nov 11, 2012


    Selling off public services to unaccountable private companies is a form of theft.

  • Reply

    many thanks to you all for all the hard work your doing

  • T

    Nov 22, 2012


    Capita came into bham it, payroll, business transformation and call centre. The council may get some cash up front but it will cost much much more as they charge for any change or anenmn to a call centre script or process. Th best is when they chag th council 1.71 to answer a call, they put it through to wrong departmnt, hat deartmn then trabsfers call back to call centre snd ey charg the council again for redirecting it! Happy to fill you in on some of their tricks!

  • Anders Swane

    Jul 23, 2013


    I've signed your three petitions this morning and congratulate you on your initiative. I was however disheartened to see how few people had actually signed them. The One Barnet Programme petition for example which runs out on the 30 July this year has only 1337 signatures at the time of writing. I would strongly recommend either making your petitions much more visible on your website or even better run them through an organisation like 38 degrees as they tend to spread very quickly and garner large numbers of signatures. You're doing vital and important work, but I think it needs stepping up and this could be a very effective way to get the word out. Please consider joining forces with 38 degrees or I applaud your efforts and offer my full support.

    • rony

      Jul 23, 2013


      Thanks, Andres. We actually collected more then 9000 signatures for the One Barnet petition. The online petitions are only one tool and we used avaz and 38c, but most of the signatures were collected on our streets' stalls. Ron

      • Anders Swane

        Jul 26, 2013


        Thanks for your reply Ron, that's certainly heartening to hear! I Couldn't understand why I saw so few signatures on the site , but that explains it. You're doing great work and we are all very grateful to you for this. I look forward to hearing how it all goes when the One Barnet petition is up in a few days, so please keep us all posted. On a different note; Have you considered doing a petition for changing the high street parking situation? The current payment system with paying by text, is, as you're probably well aware of, difficult to use at best, expensive, inflexible and doesnt work most of the time, but is also in part responsible for a very real and noticeable loss of business for the high street shops. Keep up the fantastic work you're doing, Many Kind Regards Anders

  • wil malone

    Oct 10, 2013


    I voted for a council made up of members of this community who have the best interests of and desire to serve the people of Barnet. I did not vote for a private company whose only interest is in making a profit out of us. This is not democracy in action, this is dictatorship. Capita has it's tentacles spread over far too much of our national administration already. One has to ask why? Secondly, a private company (unlike a council which is voted for) has no mandate to instruct me to do anything. For example: Washing out cans and bottles and buying compostable bags costs me money. This means that I am forced to swell the profits of a private company out of my own pocket. And if I don't comply, are they then going to send round private policemen with Capita badges on their uniforms? The whole privatisation process simply takes away the power of the people of this borough and replaces it with corporate power which is only answerable to it's directors and share holders. It is undemocratic, immoral and a disgrace.

  • June Gibson

    Nov 05, 2013


    Royal Mail sold off with hardly a peep from the media! I did spot a few "it was sold too cheap" articles. ( Very small shareholders couldn't buy shares in it anyway.) Imagine what the fees were for those who acted in the flotation. I bet the property developers have had their eyes on Royal Mail property for years. The R.M. pension "black hole" was buried nicely in government accounts so that the taxpayer has met the loss and the organisation became a good prospect for sale.

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