Proceedings for Judicial Review of One Barnet issued

Barnet Alliance for Public Services is pleased that The High Court acknowledged it will review the £320 million services contract due to be outsourced by Barnet Council to Capita. The hearing is likely to take place after mid March.

Steel & Shamash Solicitors, acting on behalf of Barnet resident Maria Nash, have issued proceedings against Barnet Council, Capita PLC, EC Harris LLP, and Capita Symonds Ltd.
Ms Nash seeks a judicial review of the Council’s decision to award the contract for the “New Support and Customer Services Organisation” or “NSCSO” to Capita plc, and of the Council’s impending decision to award the “Development and Regulatory Services” or “DRS” contract, to either Capita Symonds Ltd. or EC Harris LLP.

Maria Nash said “Despite being involved in local issues, including being engaged in the political process in relation to issues that affect me, I have not been consulted, either individually or as a member of any of the local bodies or interest groups with which I am associated. I have been desperately concerned about the impact of the NSCSO and DRS on me and others, especially the vulnerable such as the elderly, disabled or young. What I would like to see is proper meaningful engagement with stakeholders before a decision is made to outsource services to a private company.”

Read the press release issued on behalf of Maria Nash by her lawyers 10 January 2013 here.


  • Riolf Clayton

    Jan 14, 2013


    This is an action which a great many residents and voters in Barnet would have wished to be able to undertake. Barnet Council is showing contempt for democracy and the wishes of the local people and trying to force on us something which we cannot change by voting at the next local elections - this is appallingly undemocratic, and even supporters of the Conservative Party are dismayed at what is happening.

  • carole sewell

    Jan 17, 2013


    I completely agree with Mr Clayton as a tax payer of the London Borough of Barnet and resident for the past 31 years I am dismayed that such an important decision was taken with no consultation with the residents. I am fearful for my twilight years in the Borough having contributed to the upkeep of the same for all these years. I truly feel we now have no council, no support and not much hope. I will not forget this act of betrayal at the next elections.

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    [...] Proceedings for Judicial Review of One Barnet issued [...]

  • A nonymous

    Jan 28, 2013


    I have heard that Barnet Council is spending £50,0000 a day of taxpayers money on the One Barnet project. Who is this going to help and when it all goes wrong the Barnet residents will have to pay again. Please god the judicial review will stop this happening and Capita is sent packing.

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