Anita Woolf reacts to the closure of BILS

Anita Woolf is the mother of Carl Woolf, who is a user of one of the Your Choice Barnet day centres, Barnet Independent Living Service (BILS); she contacted CADDSS via this website recently following a CADDSS letter in the local press.  BILS is designated for closure and the centre is to be demolished in 2016, with no plan by Barnet council or Your Choice Barnet to move the service or rehouse the service users.

Read here Anita’s and Carl’s letters and then read Anita’s detailed proposal that she submitted to Barnet council back in 2008 and which was rejected (why???), and judge for yourself: Do we need Your Choice services to be brought back in-house?  If you think so, sign our petition here, and then ‘Like’ the Facebook page that Carl’s family had put together and add your name to their supporters.

Anita and the other CADDSS group activists are keeping up the campaign to hold Barnet council to account on behalf of disabled residents until good quality services will be guaranteed long-term, which we believe can be achieved only if those services that were outsourced to Your Choice Barnet are brought back in-house.

Visit the Facebook page for this campaign

Download Anita’s letter (Word)

Download Carl’s letter (Word)

Download Anita’s proposal (Word)

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