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YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS - 4th meeting 10 April North Finchley

So far the Conservatives declined our invitation to meet the public. Will they come to the last public meeting before the elections and accept our offer to engage in discussion with residents? If elected, what will Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green parties do about housing, education, healthcare in Barnet, employment, the local economy, culture and sports provision, social care, the ‘bedroom tax’, parking and the environment? What do they

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Stop the attack on Barnet trade unions
Barnet council not for sale badge

Barnet Council’s attacks on the borough's residents have been increasing lately. Following the damaging policies that have negatively affected disabled residents, local traders and users of the parking service, the council administration is adding fresh attacks on its workers and their trade unions. BAPS has been horrified to learn that in addition to redundancies and the dispersal of jobs to other parts of the country for those working in the

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