YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS - 4th meeting 10 April North Finchley

So far the Conservatives declined our invitation to meet the public. Will they come to the last public meeting before the elections and accept our offer to engage in discussion with residents?

If elected, what will Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green parties do about
housing, education, healthcare in Barnet, employment, the local economy, culture
and sports provision, social care, the ‘bedroom tax’, parking and the environment?
What do they think about local democracy and the way to provide services? What
do you want to know about their plans and policies before you vote on 22 May?
Barnet Alliance for Public Services has organized a series of public meetings so
that you can ask the questions and tell candidates what you expect from your
elected councillors. Joining the politicians from the four parties on the panel will be
Barnet blogger Mr Reasonable.
Come to a meeting near you and get the answers.

This is an opportunity to find out what lies behind campaign promises and
to have your say.
You can email questions in advance. Be sure to give your name and say which meeting you will be attending.

You can also download and distribute the invitation leaflet from here.
The future of Barnet Council is in your hands.

Read about the 1st meeting that took place on 22 January in EDGWARE meeting here.


The last of the 4 meetings series:

Thursday, 10 April 2014
7-9pm, doors open 6.30
Greek Cypriot Centre,
2 Britannia Road, N12 9RU