97% of YourChoice Barnet Unison members voted to reject pay cut!



Those are some quotes from Unison members working in Your Choice Barnet:

I feel angry that YCB are allowed to do what they have done in reducing my pay by 9.5% it makes me feel worthless”

I am worried about the safety of service users”

So many agency staff working at our service the workload on permanent staff is increasing all the time”

Barnet Council first pushed us out to Your Choice Barnet, now cutting our pay by 9.5%”

What’s next for us Care Workers, and who’s to say these cuts will not be made to our service users?”

1% cut to Council tax but look what that does to services.”

My job gets increasingly more stressful and I am rewarded with a 9.5% pay cut. The future of services for people with profound disabilities in Barnet is being threatened.”

This isn’t about now, it isn’t about our wages, it isn’t about our services, it isn’t about the vulnerable people we care for”

This is a fight against forces politically motivated and set on a course to dismantle all that we have worked for”

It’s a fight that we have to fight and one that we must fight to win”

We need jobs for our family’s bills and to live; we came in to help clients and now we need help”

I, in my role, and workplace feel a lot more under pressure, stressed, have much more responsibility, a higher workload”

I feel angry, annoyed and not appreciated and utterly dismayed at this appalling situation and where the service users will reap the effects of this.”

Saturdays are literally a ‘recovery day’ for me now, & many other staff”

I am just so very tired & drained, from the level of work & pressure I am now under during the week in my workplace.”

Being forced to take a 9.5% pay cut has made me feel not valued.”

I have worked for Barnet for 14 years and have been committed to the service users and the service.”

Being out of pocket £2,000 a year means not even being able to afford a holiday break for me and my family and having to scrimp even more.”

These care workers who have had their pay cut by a minimum of 9.5%, have bravely voted by 97% to reject the cut and are prepared to take a strike action.

On Tuesday 8 April YCB care workers will be demonstrating outside Hendon Town Hall from 6 pm to 7.30 pm.

Support these care workers and the service they provide which is being run down.


1. Please sign this petition http://ow.ly/voFj6

2. Please share this petiton with your friends and colleagues http://ow.ly/voFj6

3. If you have a Blog or Website please share the above quotes and petition http://ow.ly/voFj6

4. Please promote our Barnet UNISON Tweets promoting this petition on Twitter and or Face Book

5. Please send a message of support to the Unison workers via BarnetAlliance.

6. Please join us on Tuesday 8 April outside Hendon Town Hall from 6 pm to 7.30 pm.


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