Let’s All Get A Haircut


At a recent Residents’ Forum, Kate Kennally, Strategic Director for Communities in the Borough of Barnet, in referring to the 9.5 percent pay cut imposed by Your Choice Barnet on low-paid care workers, stated that they had had a “haircut”



Let’s all get a haircut,

Let’s all get a trim.

Let’s call it a fair cut,

And then lop off a limb.


And if that makes them queasy,

Let’s start to sympathise.

Just say “It isn’t easy”,

And then poke out their eyes.


No room for more dissension,

We’ll show them how to vote!

Did we forget to mention

A blade across the throat?


It could become a habit.

We’ve made a goodly start.

Let’s spot the chance and grab it -

And let’s tear out their heart.


So if your pay they dare cut,

No grievance should you harbour,

But just enjoy a haircut

From Kate, the demon barber.


(long) after William Shakespeare

By Tony Solomons

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