‘Cap private rents’, ‘License landlords’, ‘Stop buy-to-leave’


On Tuesday night, 10 November, more than 70 people, including councillors from Enfield, Islington and Barnet and housing campaigners, gathered at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood for a public meeting with a difference. Hosted by Barnet Alliance for Public Services, Our West Hendon, and Barnet Housing Action Group, ‘Public Housing in Barnet?’ dispensed with a panel of speakers and instead invited councillors and campaigners to start discussions with tenants and other residents about different approaches to solving the problems of public housing.

You can view the ‘harvest’ of ideas from this meeting here.

In stark contrast to the way policies are planned in Barnet council by officers working on their own and public survey designed to allow only predetermined choices, here participants’ life experiences were shared and informed the two 40-minute discussion sessions, with everyone able to take part on an equal footing. Here, instead of offering only ways to cut the budget, people looked for and found a range of solutions, including keeping rents from continuing escalation, licensing landlords, stopping the sale of properties to be left empty until the owner can realize a profit on resale, promoting self-builds, requiring that any private development includes 40–50% social housing, and redefining ‘affordable’ housing so that it is really affordable by people on average income.


Further meetings to take these ideas to the next stage are being planned.


* * *

Barnet Housing  Action Group:

BHAG and West Hendon desperately need volunteers to door knock with us at the flats where residents have been called to court for repossession order hearings - we believe that some still are not realising that they will be evicted (in march ) and that they need to get their written objections in before their court dates.

If you those of you willing to help can get in touch with me at [email protected] or 07913999255 or  Paulette [email protected] will be in touch to arrange times and give out the relevant addressees.
2. We need a list of volunteers that are willing to come and support residents at court - Willesden County Court 9 Acton Lane NW10 8SB  the cases are over a period from 17th to 25th of nov at various times morn and afternoon  we will be in touch with exact times for the dates you are available - we especially would like people who have knowledge of housing rights/law on these days.
Anyone who would like to support the West Hendon campaign there is community training starting in January - which is free and is based around training around organising which will be useful . Contact Paulette via above or at @OurWestHendon face book/twitter pages

* * *

Barnet Labour announce Commissioners for their Housing Commission

Posted by Barnet Labour Party on November 15, 2014 · Flag

Barnet’s Labour councillors have announced the members of their Housing Commission .

The Commission will be Chaired by Nicky Gavron AM, Chair of the London Assembly Planning Committee, Labour spokesperson on planning and housing supply and member of the Housing Committee. Nicky has a long track record of developing housing policy at all levels of government, and was the first London statutory Deputy Mayor with responsibility for the London Plan.

The Commission is being launched at a public meeting next week at 7pm on Thursday 20 November, at the Crown Moran Hotel, Cricklewood Broadway, with Cllr Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council as Guest Speaker. All members of the public are welcome.

More details here.



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