Valley Pre-school faces imminent closure

Valley Pre-school faces imminent closure despite a desperate need for more school/nursery places, a victim of Dollis Valley’s unchecked regeneration.

Valley Pre-school on the Dollis Valley Estate has been open and serving its community since 1977. Now it is forced to move from its premises and make way for private property development as part of the Dollis Valley regeneration. Valley Pre-school is due to leave its current building at the end of March. A new nursery, run by Kidz Choice, is due to open on the estate in September

Valley Pre-school’s bid to continue running in a new venue on the estate as the “regeneration” proceeds was lost in the face of a bid from a commercial operator. Now Valley nursery has been given notice. It looks like it will cease operation at least six months before the commercial operator can start. Some 15-16 children will be disadvantaged for that period. There is no guarantee that the new operator will take the Valley children.

Mark Oliver, a trustee of Valley Pre-school will be talking about what is happening and appealing for support at the BAPS meeting on Wednesday, 18th February at 7.30 pm at the Greek Cypriot Centre.

A report from Hendon & Finchley time here.

Vally Pre-school facebook page.

Friends of Valley Pre school facebook page.


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