No to austerity, yes to workers’ rights

On Sunday 4 October, the Conservative party will open their annual conference in Manchester. After five years of austerity, falling living standards, pay freezes and huge cuts to public services, a new parliament won’t offer a fresh start to working people and their families. The Conservatives’ new plan is an old plan - back to the future with  more of the same.

We were told that austerity measures were a necessary, short, sharp dose of medicine . But five years later, the prescription is still the same. More plans to privatise public services, like the NHS. The government telling hard working people, like midwives, teachers and transport workers, that they must work harder and longer. Public servants’ pay frozen for 4 more years.  Threats to jobs in the public sector. Plans to sell off social housing. Cutting tax credits, disability benefits and help with the rent. Unfair targeting of young people.

We have seen the effects of massive government cuts in Barnet and we know more are coming. We are battling to save our libraries and to stop the sale – or give-away – of council land and houses to developers, who will erect expensive private housing, often for absentee owners.  The meals-on-wheels service is threatened with closure, which could put many vulnerable people at risk.

Trade  unions have a proud tradition of standing up for workers, their families and the services everyone uses. So now the government is proposing to make it harder for workers to speak out and for unions to take strike action to oppose their cuts.

That is why we all need to speak out now. March in Manchester on Sunday 4 October, and tell the Conservatives that we say “No!” to austerity. Tell them that workers need a voice. That trade unions give workers a voice and we will not give up this voice - the trade unions - and workers’ rights fought for and won through hard battles. We must raise our voices now and make it clear that instead of austerity, it’s a resounding “Yes!” to workers’ rights.


Join Barnet residents and workers on the coach to Manchester:

£15 waged  £1 unwaged.

pick up times:

6:45 Finchley Central
7 AM Hendon Central
7.15 Mill Hill Broadway
4 pm returning from Manchester

Contact us on 07534 407 703 for tickets and on the day.

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