What has an international trade treaty such as TTIP to do with local government?


Under TTIP when procuring goods or services, local governments would have to submit tenders across the EU & the USA. Very likely is that multi-national companies would win the tenders. Local companies would simply not get a look-in, nor the administrative resources challenge the big companies. Bad for the local economy and local employment.
·        TTIP negotiations are carried out in secret.
·        There has been no consultation of any local or regional government, or of any umbrella organisation.
·        There has been no impact assessment on the effects of TTIP on local or regional government.
·        Local governments or umbrella organisations are not allowed to view TTIP negotiation documents. Neither are MPs.
·        TTIP includes the use of the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).
This allows corporations to sue a governments if it passes a law which could infringe on the profit that corporation expects to make.
·        ISDS provides for the usage of secret private which are held in secret, and there is no possibility of appeal against decisions.
* 26 other UK councils including Tory-run North Somerset, , 450 in France, 64 in Spain and 300 in Germany, including Siegen-Wittgenstein, Barnet’s twin town, have all passed resolutions raising grave concerns about TTIP. Sign the petition here.

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