Breaking news: What the councillors weren’t told

We’re approaching the end of our time to make an impact on the Tory councillors before they vote on the library proposals. The linked report, titled What Councillors Weren’t Told, has clear, factual information of how councillors have been deliberately uninformed or misled. Please use it in e-mailing your Tory councillors, asking them to represent their constituents (rather than their party) by voting against the proposals. If any of the following are your ward councillors, consider visiting their surgery on the date shown and making your position known:

     Shimon Ryde and/or Peter Zinkin, Childs Hill library, 6.45-7.45 tomorrow,Thursday, 31 March.
     John Hart and Sury Khatri at Mill Hill library 10-12, this Saturday, 2 April.


     Lisa Rutter, Osidge library, 3-4,  this Saturday, 2 April..


We will be gathering outside the Town Hall on Monday, 4 April, at 6.20, before the full council meeting at 7,  to protest. We are hoping that the band will be there too. Please come if at all possible.

Thanks for doing what you can, and hope to see you on the 4th.

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