Barnet Spring march

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Messages of support

“Once more Barnet is in the forefront of the struggle. The more outsourcing, sub-contracting and privatisation fail, the more they are pressured. Job losses, lower wages, poorer services – this is the legacy that the privatisations are having.

We look in vain for a strong lead from the Labour Party – no wonder, when Blair and Brown were equally responsible for privatisations. The Trade Union leaders need to be more aggressive in their resistance. You deserve the support of the national unions, up to and including coordinated strike action. We have great strength but we don’t use it.

Everyone you talk to asks the same question: why do we allow it to happen? It’s about time we joined forces and put an end to this divisive and failed policy. It strips out so much that we value from a civilized society.

The Battle of Barnet in 1471 made a decisive change in the War of the Roses. Maybe the Battle of Barnet in 2013 will decisively halt the march of the privatisers and profiteers.

Best wishes and solidarity”

Ken Loach


“The TUC is proud to offer our 100 per cent support to your campaign to resist the senseless, ideological cuts and privatisations that are destroying public services in Barnet. By bringing together trade unionists, community activists and local people, your grassroots campaign has had a huge impact and where Barnet has led others need to follow. Barnet Trades Council, the Barnet Alliance for Public Services and everyone involved in the campaign deserve enormous credit for what you have achieved. But with the council slashing the facility time that enables union reps to do their jobs, and with Capita set to be awarded contracts worth up to £1 billion to run services in the borough, we need to step up our campaigning. The people of Barnet and the people of Britain do not want Ryanair-style public services where nothing’s included and everything costs extra. Together we can make a difference: as we’ve seen with Friern Barnet library, collective action gets results.”

Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary


“DPAC fully supports the campaign to oppose the privatisation of public services in Barnet. What is happening in Barnet is important to everyone because Barnet is only just the beginning and if this is allowed to happen in one area it could happen anywhere.

“Disabled people have fought long and hard for public sector duties to promote our rights, and privatisation will cynically evade responsibilities towards equality and inclusion.

“Where private companies are squeezing profit out of already under funded services the result can only be sub standard services. For disabled people who rely on services that means people’s lives on the line.

“Disabled people have seen the care that private companies have for us from our experiences with the Work Capability Assessment where they compete for contracts to profit out of pushing disabled people into poverty.

“Selling Barnet public services to Capita will mean more tragic stories and less accountability. It must be opposed.

Ellen Clifford, National Steering Committee, Disabled People Against Cuts


“Just as Greece is being use as the test-bed for ‘shock doctrine’ in Europe, so Barnet Council is the guinea pig area for total privatisation in the UK.”

Paul Mackney, Vice Chair, Coalition of Resistance, former General Secretary, NATFHE (now in University and College Union)


“Best of luck with this campaign.”

Jean Roberts, ATL executive member


“…there is a strong joint interest in fighting the privateers, outsourcers and neo-liberals.”

Keith Flett, Secretary, Haringey TUC


“Tower Hamlets will send a delegation to join the Barnet Spring on 23 March. Your campaign has highlighted how Barnet’s privatisation project is destroying local democracy and accountability and economically damaging the whole community by exporting jobs and services. You have created a united response across the community and the workforce – to let Barnet’s Tory administration know that your services are not for sale.”

John McLoughlin, Tower Hamlets UNISON


Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts sends its support and greetings to Barnet Spring. We wish you every success in your campaign. A tiny minority of millionaires are trying to steal assets that belong to the working people. Together trades unions and working class communities across the length and breath of Europe can reverse the tide of privatisation and destruction of public services. We are many they are few.
Ed Bober, Secretary, Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts


“The privatisation programme Barnet Tories have set upon is a callous attack on our public services. Unite applauds the work of the Barnet Alliance in fighting ‘One Barnet’ and calls on its members to join the March 23rd march. Bring on the Barnet Spring!”
Steve Turner, Director of Executive Policy, Unite the Union

“We support your campaign against the Tories’ crazy plans to privatise everything that your people rely on. You are right to say that your services are not for sale and that this will be a test bed for further sell offs elsewhere.

In Hull the tories are decimating our city, taking £100 million from our council and £99 million from our health services. We say: Drive out the Con Dem scum and victory to Barnet Alliance for Public Services.

In Solidarity”

Andy Reed, Vice President, Phil Sanderson, Secretary, Hull and District TUC


“On Saturday, 23rd of March, there is a march against privatisation of public services in Barnet -  organised by Barnet Alliance for Public Services . Many residents and students in Barnet think that this is ideologically driven and will not improve service delivery standards. Our students’ union, being the only HE university students’ union in Barnet, is strongly opposed to this onslaught of privatisation. Until now, the pavements we walk on and many other similar services are run by public authority, not for profit. The moment it comes under a business firm for profit, it is highly probable that it will cut corners and give a bad service to people living in this borough, which includes thousands of our students as well. A recent example was a programme called ‘Your choice Barnet’, which ran for profit. It cut wages of workers and compromised with the service of disabled people in the borough. Therefore, I would encourage students to join the march.

Thanks BAPS for standing for what is right.

In unity”

Shreya Paudel, MUSU President


“The Save Lewisham Hospital campaign sends solidarity greetings to the Barnet Alliance 4 Public Services march on Saturday 23 March. Your fight against the attempt to privatise Barnet services is one that we fully support. As in Lewisham, where our main hospital services have been threatened with closure and downgrading, the strength of community opposition means that we will fight these measures, and will not back down until we win.”

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign


The Social Work Action Network (SWAN) and SWAN London offer their full support and solidarity to the principled campaign by Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS) and Barnet Unison to fight off the ‘One Barnet’ privatisation scheme. All social workers that believe in decent relationship based social work must support this campaign; this scheme is a new grim signpost on the same journey of managerialisation and marketisation in local authorities and state social work which we has patronised and deskilled social workers, ratached up caseloads and tied practitioners to their desks. It is the same ethos which turns the people we work with into numbers and targets, but which often does little to improve the lives of individuals or communities despite the best efforts of workers. Social workers should work for social justice as a first principle of practice - the is no justice in putting profit before people. That is what is a stake and why all social workers should join local people and trade unions on Saturday 23rd March in support of the Barnet Spring.”

Dan Morton, SWAN


“Kensington and Chelsea will be in marching because your fight is our fight! Privatisation of services can only lead to lack of political democratic accountability, deterioration of services and massive job losses, all which will impact on local people! Keep campaigning and Solidarity forever!”

Sonya Howard, UNISON Branch Secretary, Kensington and Chelsea



Tony Benn

John McDonnell MP

Owen Jones - journalist

Christina McAnea - UNISON Assistant General Secretary NHS

Shirley Franklin - Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Dan Morton - Social Work Action Network

Ellen Clifford - Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC)

Fiona Evans - Save Newcastle Libraries campaign

Andrew Dismore AM - Barnet and Camden, Greater London Assembly

Jenny Jones AM - Green Party, Greater London Assembly

John Sullivan - resident, campaign to bring ‘Your Choice Barnet’ back in-house

Shreya Paudel - President, Middlesex University Students Union

Stan Davison -  Barnet 55+ Forum

Tom Youlden - Save Barnet NHS

Peter Phoenix - Occupy

Paul Kershaw - Chair, Unite Housing workers

John McLoughlin - UNISON SGE

Paul Nicholson - 1,000 Mothers March

Nick Grant, NUT, NEC

Sarah Sackman - barrister for Friern Barnet Community Library

Alistair Smith – Anti-Academies Alliance and NUT

Mary Turner – GMB

Max Watson – UNISON NEC

Dr Tony O’Sullivan – Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign

Maureen Ivens - Save Friern Barnet Library Group

Ed Bobber - Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts

Alon Or-Bach - Finchley & Golders Green Labour Party

Pilgrim Tucker - Unite community London & Eastern coordinator

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Barbara Jacobson - Barnet Alliance for Public Services

Linda Perks - Unison Greater London Regional Secretary

Andy Reid - PCS NEC

Phil Fletcher - Pinkham Way Alliance

Maria Nash - Disabilities Rights Campaigner and Barnet resident


Contingents joining the march

Barnet TUC

Brent Fightback

Barnet 55+ Forum


Coalition of Resistance

Hackney UNISON

Haringey UNISON

Kensington & Chelsea UNISON

Lambeth UNISON

London Metropolitan University UNISON

Middlesex University Students Union

Middlesex University UNISON

Southwark UNISON

1,000 Mothers in Haringey

Tower Hamlets UNISON

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign

Unite Housing workers

Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC)

Camden United for Benefits Justice


Campaign to Bring Your Choice Barnet Back In-house


Save Barnet NHS

Anti Academies Alliance

Save Friern Barnet Library Campaign


Unite Communities

Social Work Action Network (SWAN)

Save Newcastle Libraries Campaign


Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts


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