Obituary to Stan Davison: A huge loss for our community

Barnet Alliance members are mourning the passing of Stan Davison, who died, aged 87, on Saturday 1 June after a long battle with illness this year. His funeral will take place on Friday 21st June at 1pm in Golders Green Crematorium, Hoop Lane, London NW11 7NL.

Stan was a great fighter for justice, a staunch Labour Party supporter and a trade unionist, who regularly lobbied politicians from all sides on prominent issues, particularly the NHS. Fiercely opposed to the One Barnet Programme and the austerity measures being imposed by the government, he was a loyal supporter of Barnet Alliance and braved the blizzard conditions earlier this year to address the crowds assembled for the Barnet Spring march. His clear sightedness and realism, combined with a never-ending optimism, encouraged and motivated us all.

As chairman of the Barnet 55+Forum and founding member of the Barnet Older People’s Assembly, he campaigned tirelessly on behalf of older people in Barnet. He received a Barnet Council Civic Award earlier this year in recognition of his dedication to community causes, the second such award received.

Despite his failing health, Stan continued campaigning. Just two days before he died, his last column  – a typically powerful item on the dangers of ill-thought through NHS plans* – was published in North London-today.

We will miss Stan greatly, as an active citizen, outspoken critic and an honest representative of older people, and as a warm, kind and wise man.

May the continued community campaign for justice and equality, and for the quality of life for residents and workers in Barnet and beyond, keep his spirit alive and be his legacy.  We send our condolences to Stan’s family.

* “Beware the dangers of ill-conceived health service plans” article at North London Newspapers website

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