Scrap Atos: 10,000 Cuts & Counting

Scrap Atos

End the Work Capability Assessment

Parliament Square event, 12-2pm on Saturday 28th September

On Saturday 28th September, the disabled and non-disabled community will gather to remember those who have died and those still suffering as a result of the Government’s austerity assault, which particularly affects disabled people.

Occupy London supporters and Dr David Ison, the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral will join forces, alongside Michael Meacher MP, disability rights campaign groups Disabled People Against Cuts, Wow Petition and actress and campaigner with cerebral palsy Francesca Martinez, to highlight the human cost of the UK government’s austerity programme, holding a memorial service on Parliament Square on 28 September.

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The event, dubbed ’10,000 Cuts & Counting; Scrap Atos - End the Work Capability Assessment’, aims to highlight the fact that the latest statistics available show that more than 10,600 people have died during or within six weeks of undergoing the Atos Work Capability Assessment - the degrading test used by the government to assess the needs of people receiving benefits related to disability and ill health. Most alarmingly, 10,000 is the tip of an iceberg. Perhaps most concerning is that the full extent of the problem is unknown. The fate of those who have been found fit for work, and therefore left the benefit system, is not recorded.

In a statement from the 10,000 Cuts & Counting group, campaigners said: “Disabled people are leading the fight back against the injustices of the austerity scam: we cannot stand idly by while our communities and institutions are devastated by this Government. The urgency of the need to scrap Atos and end the Work Capability Assessment is what has brought together Occupy activists and the Dean of St Paul’s - neither Atos nor the Work Capability Assessment is fit for purpose and change is needed now.”

10,000 Cuts and Counting
Scrap Atos - End the Work Capability Assessment!

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