Petition: Capita Keep Our Jobs In Barnet

In a move that will dismay the community and distress the many individuals and families directly affected, Capita today announced its plans to relocate council services around the UK, making mass redundancies inevitable. Jobs lost to Barnet will go to Belfast and Bromley, Chippenham and Chertsey, Carlisle and Darwen, Sheffield and Swindon.

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To: Paul Pindar, Chief Executive Capita Plc

Dear Mr Pindar

As Chief Executive, you will be aware of the Capita Plc consultation with former Barnet Council staff starting on Monday 7 October 2013.
You will know the Capita Plc proposal means hundreds of jobs are to be lost to Barnet, with no certainty that these will be recreated elsewhere in that community, resulting in a loss of local knowledge and another severe blow to the local economy that will have a negative impact on any remaining Council staff, residents and localtraders. In the current economic climate this is unacceptable. Iwould ask that you directly intervene and provide a commitment that a new service solution is found that both protects and creates jobs in the community they serve.

Why is this important?

In August 2013, Barnet Council signed a ten year £320 million contract with Capita Plc to take over the provision of the following services take over the running of the council’s back office services which includes customer services, human resources, finance and payroll, IT, revenues and benefits, estates, corporate procurement and commercial services.

Capita Plc proposed solution is to provide these services in Capita Call centres elsewhere in the UK which will ultimately lead to approximately 350 jobs losses to our community and upwards of 150 redundancies in Barnet. We are passionate about local public services and believe people providing them have local knowledge and are accountable to the residents of Barnet. Not only that but local job losses will have a negative impact on our local economy as working people become jobless with a reduced income to spend in the local economy.

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