Barnet Housing Action

In association with BAPS, a new action group has been formed:


This is a response to the alarming situation where up to half a million tenants have now fallen into arrears and have to face the courts: largely as the direct result of the dreaded ‘bedroom tax’ and also the imposition of council tax on people who do not have enough to live on. So far this has affected 3000 Barnet citizens.

Barnet council has not built any social housing at all for decades and now boasts of the 3 units it is beginning to build! this will hardly make up for the 18,000 households on the housing waiting list which it simply abolished last year!  Now, with thousands of new people chased out of central London by rising rents and benefit caps etc., Barnet council is preparing to welcome new better-off residents to boost council coffers and dump its poor elsewhere!  It is building a total of just 3 new council homes! Meanwhile 1400 homeless people on the streets chase 700 places and the council itself admits: “There are enough empty properties in Barnet to provide hundreds of people with a home.”

Barnet Housing Action has begun to make contact with tenants on some of Barnet’s housing estates and welcomes any householder, tenant, private or ‘social’ homeless - anyone concerned to remedy this catastrophic situation: to do all possible right now to see that no one in Barnet loses their home or is forced into destitution…

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