Sweets Way residents fight back

  In response to the call-out for protesting the Sweets Way eviction in last week's BAPS newsletter, and following the visits of Barnet Housing Action Group activists there in the first week of the evictions, a few of us, members and supporters turned up to support the residents of this estate on Monday morning. What we walked into was an extremely depressing and distressing situation. Between the emptying houses, some already boarded, toys

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JAN 31 Dollis Valley Day - (Before the #MarchforHomes)

We have been cordially invited to the launch of the show homes.... These homes are highly unaffordable, being marketed to investors, and will result in the net loss of 200 Council Homes, a school, nursery and 3 community centres - AND THAT JUST AIN'T RIGHT!! Please see event set up on facebook for tomorrow 10.30am to 12pm at the launch of the show homes on Dollis Valley Estate. This regeneration will result in the net loss of 200 council homes and

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Public meeting: Public Housing In Barnet?

  BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW. The shortage of social and truly affordable housing is one of the most pressing problems facing our communities. Is council housing the answer to the crisis? What can councils do to tackle the housing shortage? What should Londoners expect? What’s the solution: housing associations? housing co-ops? mutuals? self-builds? Must regeneration be gentrification? Come to this open forum to discuss with other members of the

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Is regeneration at any cost progress?

Is regeneration at any cost progress? Barnet Council approved planning application and has entered into an agreement with Barratt London and Metropolitan Housing Trust [Barratt Metropolitan] to knock down and regenerate the West Hendon Housing Estate. As anyone who has seen the estate knows it is in dire need of updating, but what not everyone knows is that this is because of Barnet Council’s lack of investment, failure to manage essential repairs

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Barnet Housing Action

In association with BAPS, a new action group has been formed: BARNET HOUSING ACTION This is a response to the alarming situation where up to half a million tenants have now fallen into arrears and have to face the courts: largely as the direct result of the dreaded 'bedroom tax' and also the imposition of council tax on people who do not have enough to live on. So far this has affected 3000 Barnet citizens. Barnet council has not built any social

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